Five Most Common Types of Window Tints

Window tints exist in different forms. They are an alternative to curtains, blinds, and other materials used on windows for privacy. A window tint is a thin film of a sheet that blocks light from one side of the window making it opaque, while it allows someone from inside to see what is going on outside.

There are several types of window tints depending on the nature of the material that is used to make them. The following are five major types of window tints that are known worldwide:

Types of window tints

Metallised window tint

It is composed of small metallic particles that are embedded in the film, making it thicker than the rest of the tints. It has an adhesive bottom layer that usually bonds to the car window, as well as a treated layer that blocks ultraviolet rays from getting inside the vehicle. Lastly, the metal layer reflects excessive heat and makes the glass appear darker. It is mainly used in the automobile industry.

Dyed window tint

It is the most suitable if you want your windows to be totally dark. Like the metallised tint, it has an adhesive layer at the base followed by the dyed section at the middle, and on top is a protective layer that protects it from scratches. However, the dye will slowly fade away and the colour turns to purple if it is frequently exposed to UV rays from the sunlight. Thus, you are advised to always park your car under a shed, or canopy.

Hybrid window tint

This takes the advantage of both the dyed and metallised tint while discarding their disadvantages. They are made by combining the dyed tint with the metallised window tint to achieve a hybrid state. Here, the baseline is occupied by an adhesive layer that sticks to the glass, followed by the incorporation of a dyed and metallised layer in the middle, and a top protective layer to prevent scratches. It is one of the most suitable solutions that are in high demand.

Carbon window tint

This is a special kind of window tint that is made of polymer and carbon to give a sleek appearance. The carbon helps to keep down the inside temperatures thus reducing the use of AC units. It also blocks UV rays from damaging upholstery that is inside your vehicle.

Ceramic window tint

Lastly, we have ceramic window tints.  It is of higher quality than the four discussed above and also the most expensive. It consists of ceramic particles which are neither conducive nor metallic. The ceramic component blocks UV rays and also allows for greater visibility.

Are window tints expensive?

Honestly speaking, some types of window tints are quite expensive than the rest. However, windows tinting sydney offer the best services to you as well as the car. With window tint in place, you have all the privacy you need whenever you are driving. Whatever you do inside will only be known to the other on-boarders. We have also talked about the blocking of UV light which may hurt your health. Hence, you should consider installing one in your car.


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